Without realising it, we each have many styles of writing.  What is crucial, is to use the right style depending on who you are writing for.   

In business writing, on our websites and in our marketing communication, we need to make the main point first, then back it up with supporting evidence.  Yet in our social lives, we do the opposite.  In a book or film, you build up to the ending, you don't give it away on the first page and underline it!   Similarly with a joke, you build up to the punchline and deliver it, with panache, at the end.

Given how time poor we all are – if our websites or flyers start off with a few descriptive paragraphs about our products, setting the scene, creating an atmosphere – our readers will move on within seconds, having not found the information they want.  We do it ourselves, all the time, we delete emails that don't immediately grab our attention, that don't offer us something we need.  If this heading hadn't told you what this blog was about, you might not have carried on reading.  

Headings and bolded words are your opportunity to sum up the paragraph you are about to write.  These will often be the only words on that page your reader reads.  Make them clear, engaging and helpful.

Keep this in mind next time you're writing – or, to be on the safe side, write it – and give it to Just Words to finesse.