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Why Just Words?

‘Words are all we have.
Use them wisely.’

Question: Why is clear communication key?

Answer: Because without it, society quickly breaks down.  It’s true, before you know it humans are at loggerheads, business deals are called off, and wars are fought!  So whether you’re writing a book, selling a product, delivering a keynote speech or putting together a proposal, your copy needs to be three things: accurate, engaging, and tailored for its audience.  If you’ve sat through a terrible best man’s speech or abandoned a book three pages in, walked out of a seminar, or groaned at typos in a newspaper – you’re with me!

I write, edit and proof copy for clients to help them grow their businesses, finalise their manuscripts, and engage their audience.

Ultimately, I’m a wordsmith who believes in the value of clear communication. If you’d like to chat with me about a project, my number is 0457 433 977.

If you have a project that needs managing, a book that needs editing, or some website copy writing, I can work with you according to your budget, so there are no nasty surprises when I invoice you (no-one likes being burned).

If you need ongoing work like business mentoring, social media, and PR, you can choose a monthly retainer (minimum 8 hours p/month) and benefit from my reduced hourly rate.

I help you work out your point of difference, what sets you apart – because without that, we’re shouting into a void.

With Just Words, as well as working with authors, I have written for industries as diverse as food and wine, law, equine, fashion, retail, auto, beauty, agribusiness, tourism, hospitality and not-for-profits, because at the end of the day, we’re all selling something – be it an idea, a product or a service – and let’s face it, we’ve all been swayed by ads; the right words will sell ice to Eskimos.

After 20 years in communications, advertising, and event management for major global companies such as FM Global, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann Erickson, and Mallesons Stephen Jaques, I left the corporate world behind in October 2008.

With a course in PR at RMIT under my belt, I ‘did the tree-change’, sold up in the City, and moved to Victoria’s beautiful Yarra Valley where I launched Just Words – project managing tourism after the ’09 bushfires, writing for magazines, working with small businesses to manage their online presence, from press releases to website copy to social media.  And now my biggest buzz is from working with authors to bring their work to fruition.

As a freelancer, I love to juggle multiple and varied clients, so if you have a project you think I can help with, drop me a line.

Helen proofread and edited the manuscript for my recently published memoir: Not Without My Passport. She is a professional who is fully committed to her clients. I felt she provided ongoing valuable advice. I found her to be encouraging throughout the editing process, especially at those times when the writer feels overwhelmed. 

Anne Lunkenheimer Johnston
July 2023

Helen is a brilliant editor. She has a keen eye for story progression, plot, character, and dialogue when structurally editing manuscripts. She can pick out any spelling, syntax, or grammatical errors when copyediting and explain to a writer the reason behind particular word choices in complex pieces of literature. She is quick, efficient, and thorough when asked to proof a piece of fiction, non-fiction, or experimental prose. It is always an absolute pleasure to work alongside her on any project.

Daniel Chelchowski
Marketing Coordinator at Melbourne University Publishing (MUP)
August 2023

As a first-time writer, it is difficult to know who to consult when your manuscript is finished.  There are so many competing voices willing to assist with editing your story and, although well-meaning, this can result in confusion.

Thank goodness I was referred to Helen Collier at ‘Just Words’.   Even though Helen had limited knowledge of the subject, she was able to carry out the proofing/editing with a great deal of understanding of how my story should be presented.   Her comments were always relevant and sensible.

I would certainly recommend Helen to anyone requiring such a service.

Jillian Ludwell OAM
August 2023

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