As a magazine article writer, you hand your child (some people call it a manuscript) over to the care of an editor before it is published.  You often then don’t see your child again until it is leaping off the page at you in a glossy magazine on the shelf in your local newsagents.  Two of my children have just been printed in a magazine and they have quite simply been mauled and disfigured by the editor.

I was so aghast, I took the editor to task and was told the numerous typos and grammatical howlers in my children are ‘house style’.  I’m so appalled I am reticent to even include them in my portfolio, but I learnt a couple of valuable lesson out of it – no-one else takes as much care and attention over my work as I do – and, just because someone calls themselves an editor, doesn’t mean they know how to edit.

So, learned lessons aside, let’s make this into a ‘spot the mistakes competition’ and if any of you can find as many mistakes as I can, you win a case of Yarra Valley wine!!!   Aim for 20, and you’ll still have at least 10 more to find, so go on, off you go…

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