No-one likes admitting they are a hypocrite but I am.  Today.  Not liking it, but admitting I am one.

I am a hypocrite because I tell clients of the importance of having sticky content on their website.  And then don’t have any on my own.

I impress upon them to update their blogs, otherwise I chastise, they’re not worth having at all.  And what did I do?  I created my blog and promptly ignored it.

I sing the praises of video content on websites for my clients, I even manage it for them – but do you see any video content on my site?  Nope.

So – that’s my confession for today.  At least by confessing, I have added some potentially sticky content to my site!

(For those of you who think I’ve lost the plot entirely – ‘sticky’ content is website content that make people read your site, stay on it for longer and heaven forbid…return to your site.  So it’s what every website owner needs, whether they know it or not.