There's sadly so much crap on the internet for small businesses about websites, content, SEO and how to write blogs.  They often pose as "useful overview to…" and "all you ever needed to know about…".  So much so, that when I finally read something well researched, accurately written, easy to understand and useful to me in my small business, I sign up to their e-newsletters and alerts gladly.

I don't remember now how I came across Nett magazine, but it arrives regularly, hard copy, free, in my letterbox and I flick through it (usually while eating something standing up at the kitchen work bench).  I have quite an aversion to techie magazines but this particular mag has articles aimed at small businesses, and I find it easy to understand and the articles very worthwhile.  I now receive an email newsletter from them once a week too and so can you if you subscribe, and I don't think you'll be disappointed – it profiles SMEs, start ups, new apps, software to make updating your website easier and top tips for entrepreneurs.  Check it out and see what you think…

Another good one I actually take time to read when it arrives in my inbox daily is KISSmetrics.  Their articles are SEO, website content, analytics related and these guys are true leaders in their field, on the ball, savvy, always summing things up well, explaining new trends or techniques and I'm grateful to them for posting genuine free advice that makes my life and that of my clients easier.  You may agree…have a read.

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