Wet & wild – Tassie’s Tarkine wilderness

THE DEVIL DIDN'T SHOW! The words ‘Tasmania’ and ‘bush walking’ sit beautifully together in the same sentence.  And now that I’ve done a 5-day trek in the North West of Tasmania, in the wild and [...]

Traveling in Cambodia

My latest article has just hit the shelves; a honeymooning article for Bride to Be, Australia's No.1 bridal magazine.  The setting this time, Cambodia - and how to travel there without abusing the locals.  Sadly, I've seen [...]

Being Paid to Travel

I'm still amazed that I am able to do this.   A few years ago it was something I envied in others, and now I've been to and written about Adelaide, the Yarra Valley, the [...]

Films with meaning

I love going to see a film: it still feels like a treat.  And to go to a film that moves you and stays with you for days and weeks to come, is a real [...]

Why is Cambodia special?

This answer differs according to who you ask.  For me, I had the opportunity to live and work there for 7 months in 2010 and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. [...]

Kriss Akabusi interview

I've always admired people who have chosen to live a different life from the one they were exposed to as a child.  People who had a loveless childhood, going on to become loving parents, who [...]

Poetry – saved by Seamus Heaney

I had to study poetry at school and I largely didn't get it.  Unsurprising really, as TS Eliot was high on the curriculum and as an average 14 year old, I wasn't on his wavelength. [...]

What is it I do all day?

I write.  I know I know, you want specifics, you want to know what. Well here are two examples of my writing from last week, a blog and a magazine article. For ASPIRE iPAd magazine: [...]

Living life with a mission

John is a legend, quite literally.  He's also a client.  And this is the third article I've had printed about him this month. I love it when my clients reveal passions and a commitment to [...]

Keep Calm and Carry On Being Innovative!

On a recent trip to Adelaide I wrote an article about their Botanic Gardens for the Victorian Royal Horticultural Society's magazine. What I saw as innovation many had seen as controversial.  It seems that progress [...]

Hashtags on facebook

If only one of the three words in the title of this blog means anything to you - you'd better read this article.  It makes sense to keep up; fly with the eagles don't lag [...]

Mauritius article hits the stands

As I was standing in the queue in the Post Office today, daydreaming away, my eyes rested on a bridal magazine.  As I studied the title, it registered vaguely in my brain - it was [...]

Retreating from the Golden Door

I first went to the Golden Door Health Retreat in the Gold Coast hinterland in June 2012, and volunteered for two weeks.  It was part of a program they offer, where you volunteer for five [...]

My interview with Kerrie Meehan

The funky Fair Trade shop Fairly Cambodian opened in Healesville, just as I was returning to the same town, after 8 months living in Cambodia.  Still a little deranged from a bout of Dengue Fever [...]

If in doubt, PR it

OK, you're right, to PR isn't a verb, you can't really 'PR' something, but you got what I meant didn't you? If you've got a product or a service - tell people about it.  Don't [...]

80 years on and the advice remains the same…

  I just read a lovely post from Henneke Duistermaat.  In it she asks - Can a book from 1932 teach us copywriting tricks?   Basic human desires are still the same.  Freedom from pain.  Enjoyment of [...]

blogs and alerts worth reading

There's sadly so much crap on the internet for small businesses about websites, content, SEO and how to write blogs.  They often pose as "useful overview to..." and "all you ever needed to know about...". [...]

Two blogs in two days. Too good.

My last two blogs were written in the last two days - I suddenly had a burst of productivity.  It's amazing what a deadline does to my concentration and typing speed!  

5 rules to writing compelling web content

5 is a good number - it's easy to remember. The first rule should be - Never attempt this at home, always pay a professional to do it.  I'm kidding, sorry. Let's make it even [...]

The damage your words can do

Everyone can string together a few words, but not everyone is a professional writer.  Some people can even spell, and put an apostrophe in the right place, but that doesn't mean their words are effective, [...]

Good old irony

Hairdressers are paid to pretty their clients' hair, whilst their own often remains unkempt. I'm paid by businesses to write their blogs, but the irony is I seldom write my own.  I sell the importance [...]

There’s editing and there’s mauling

As a magazine article writer, you hand your child (some people call it a manuscript) over to the care of an editor before it is published.  You often then don't see your child again until [...]

When does a writer become a writer?

I recently asked a friend of mine who IS a writer, when he knew he had become one and started calling himself one.  "When I was paid and published" was his reply. In which case, [...]

Check out the latest website I wrote

Maxie Maddock sat next to me at a dinner a month or so ago.  By the end of dinner we'd swapped numbers and 5 weeks later I showed her her new website.  She is a [...]

You never stop being an event manager

I'm just back from an exhausting week end in Melbourne - no, not at the Grand Prix, but at times it felt like it (fast paced and intense).  No, I was at St Kilda Town [...]

Ruminations on Sticky Content

No-one likes admitting they are a hypocrite but I am.  Today.  Not liking it, but admitting I am one. I am a hypocrite because I tell clients of the importance of having sticky content on [...]

from the Land of the Literate

How exciting - I've made it onto the world wide web as a blogger!  I swore I'd never do this, as I am so rude about others who do blog (and really shouldn't). So - [...]


Hotel de la Paix is a leading 5 star boutique hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The hotel engaged me to write their marketing collateral. This example was a double page advertorial I wrote for Inbound [...]

Award Submission

This example is an awards submission written by us about Hotel de la Paix for Conde Nast Traveler magazine, which won the hotel 2 World Saver awards (Honourable Mentions) in the Education Initiatives and Poverty Alleviation categories (printed [...]